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The consumer market can refer to any good or service that is purchased for consumption instead of resale. Some of these markets are very closely tied to medical markets, like food safety, cosmetics and home usage / testing strips. The Cosmetic market is by far the most developed of these three categories and skin care makes up around 36% of that market. Skin Care is projected to grow by $20 billion over a 5-year period. Even the newer markets like Food Safety Devices and Point-of-Care diagnostics are rapidly growing. The Point-of-Care home testing market is expected to be worth almost $37 billion by 2021. Food Safety Testing is predicted to be over $18.5 billion by 2022.

The growth seen by all three of these industries is being driven by new product development and R&D research. The wide range of unique products seen calls for highly developed and integrated manufacturing companies. Preco's manufacturing plants are filled with custom equipment designed and built to be easily adaptable and easily integrated so we are ready for any project presented to us. Our diverse shop floors allow us to make cost-effective turnkey products from prototypes to mass production.

Body Sensors & Wearables

There is a great deal of potential for medical wearables to transform healthcare. The global market for medical wearable devices is projected to reach $12.1 billion by 2021, with the United States representing the largest market worldwide. From wearables that diagnose to those that monitor conditions, both are poised to drive growth and innovation in the medical device and diagnostics world. From silicone pads for easy release, to transparent materials with no discoloration, we can help make your device look better, be less intrusive and more affordable in mass quantities.

With the rise in demand for remote monitoring increasing, more and more wearable components continue to fill the needs of medical applications. Mission critical precision is necessary for these applications which can monitor and enhance treatment of oxygen saturation, heart arrhythmia, high blood pressure, diabetes, and new expanding applications.

Additionally, some of these wearable devices are now being connected to the “internet of things”. Many of them are connecting to smart phone devices and further transferring information to provider clinics.

Preco works with customers to help design new ideas, prototype, and production launch of exciting new products at fast speed and economical piece cost.

Food Safety

As the food safety device market ballons, they are attracting startup companies, large investors and established companies alike. These companies are producing sophisticated, multilayer devices that require a wide array of manufacturing capabilities to product. Preco is ready to leverage our 40+ years of manufacturing experience, highly developed microfluidic-production equipment and reagent coating abilities to provide a turnkey solution for your design needs. Our background with microfluidics and multilayer precision laminations will seamlessly come together with our reagent coating abilities to provide uniform testing cards pre-loaded with reagents or antibodies as called for by your card. This will remove an error source for in-field testing as the cards will be uniformly coated instead of being added by users at the time of testing. Whether your device is a flat lamination or laminated to a molded cartridge, we can produce your card efficiently and cost-effectively with scaled up production always in mind.


The Cosmetics market is another market that pairs perfectly with our abilities. As new products using new materials like hydrogel facemasks are being designed, new manufactures with different abilities are needed. Our laser equipment and techniques are able to work with unique materials easily. Hydrogel and cotton products have been produced with clean edges, sharp corners and no discoloration using our equipment already. The laser equipment allows for quick design changes and shorter development periods. Laser equipment gives us the ability to fit more parts per roll without sacrificing processing speeds and accuracy. We'll get your product to market in record times allowing you to get to the consumers first.

Personal Home Use

With the rise in demand for personal, home use testing devices for a wide variety of conditions, comes the demand for inexpensive, disposable test strips, filters and cartridges. Preco is an ideal partner for your test strip needs. From laser and die cutting to laminating, assembling and packaging, we can do it all for you. Our laser equipment's ease of use allows us to test multiple iterations of your design quickly, implementing design changes instantly until we have a design that works for commercialization. Once ready, the variety of machines on our floor means that scale up will be easy. We will have a machine for your device to run on or we'll modify or build a new one to make sure your device is being produced in the most cost-effective means. With our background in precision stacking and our custom designed equipment, your device will be aligned correctly every time. Finally, if your device needs it, we will logistically transfer and manage your sterilization needs without breaking the production chain.

Sports Medicine

As athletes and enthusiasts stay active later in life, new technologies and devices are needed to keep their bodies moving. There is a wide variety of sports medicine devices out there to treat and monitor many different conditions, track treatment plans and to help prevent injuries before they happen. Many sport medicine devices need to be flexible and durable at the same time. To achieve this combination, unique materials are needed like hydrocolloids, hydrogels, high/low density foams and silicone adhesives. Our equipment is able to process these materials quickly and with minimal scrap. Preco has strong relationships with our material suppliers so we are able to source unique material options for your device or work with you to get the optimum material developed.

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