Facility Capabilities


For projects that require a large amount of assembly, we have robots ready to reduce assembly errors and handling times. From placing inline filters, induction ports or blisters, our robots and staff, are ready. With robots integrated directly into our production equipment, we can cut, pick and place with remarkable accuracy and speed. Our machines can be programmed to pick and place several layers and objects in a row with operator approved vision checks whenever needed. This robotic ability gives us the freedom to work with bulky or oddly shaped objects that standard laminations cannot handle without human guidance. We can take setups from a flat card stack-up to a fully functioning, field ready testing apparatus in seconds.

Reagent / Island Placement

We are embracing the growing worlds of food safety and microfluidics therefore Preco is now excited to offer reagent and island placement. We currently have a clean room dedicated to reagent and island placement equipment. We are able to coat windows with your reagent or antibody accurately for both placement and amount. With our equipment, we can coat, wash, vacuum and coat again in record times with repeatable accuracy. To support this ability, we have our own highly experienced Biochemist on staff to help understand and improve your current coating process. And with our lab abilities growing daily, we are ready for any challenge.

For prototype, test products and small production orders, we have a well-trained and highly experienced hand-coating staff.  Their steadiness, accuracy and repeatability make it look like it was done by a well-oiled machine. We are ready for your reagent placement and coating needs, no matter the stage of your product.

Automated Microfluidics Cartridge Production

Using custom-designed machines with integrated vision systems, Preco is unique in its ability to stack up to 5 discrete layers in a single operation. Each placement head has its own close-tolerance alignment coordination system to make sure every layer is placed precisely to specification. Additionally, a stack-in-progress can be reintroduced to the system if there are greater than 5 layers in the completed cartridge.

Web and Rotary Construction Lamination

While microfluidic, medical and food safety devices are some of the best examples of multilayer laminations available, Preco has worked with multilayered construction for years and is ready to assist you with efficient parts assembly. Other manufactures often look at a lamination process and miss seeing a better route that removes an extra step – sometimes requiring a different machine. With rotary hard-tool and laser web-handling capabilities throughout our facility, complex lamination can be done inline. Whether a dressing, hydrocolloid or a unique production part, our design team sets out to find the most efficient ways to produce your design.

High Speed Tight Tolerance Manufacturing

When determining processing options for sheet-fed or roll-fed production, lasers offer the flexibility, precision and repeatability required to produce excellent results without the limitations of traditional routers like saws and die-cutting systems.

Depending on material thickness, laser through cutting, kiss cutting, via drilling (microvia) and scribing can be achieved at speeds in the hundreds of inches per second. Preco can intricately cut parts with close tolerances in many materials, making lasers suitable for applications such as membrane switches, graphics, overlays, baskets, signs & displays, flexible circuits and plastic fabrications.

Flat Bed Die Cutting

Preco MPC employs roll-fed, vision-enabled and highly accurate flatbed die cutting machines. These systems allow us to out-perform other manufactures when it comes to precise cut-to-design, kiss-cutting and various finishing operations such as parts singulation, stacking, waste removable, presentation for packaging or presentation to a subsequent process. Since different job requirements may involve special tooling or finishing, Preco’s systems adapt without difficulty in order to address the specific needs of the work order. Typical steel-rule, chem-etch, magnesium or matched-metal tooling are accommodated. If heat is required in your process, the presses handle up to 400°F (200°C) so that basic forming or heat sealing can be available for the process.

Rotary Die Cutting

In addition to complex multilayered lamination, our rotary die cutting equipment provides additional value-added capability for contract assignments such as slitting, PSA application, programmable cut-to-length parts singulation and outstanding cut-to-cut or cut-to-design registration. Rotaries have also been equipped with laser processing equipment that allows for exacting perforations, scoring, marking, cutting and kiss-cutting excellence.

High Density Laser Perforation

With the growth seen in Advanced Wound Care, experts in high density perforating are at a premium. From processing hydrogels to silicones, our machines are setup and ready to run. With accurate depth control, we can perforate through your material or to a certain depth inside of it. The size of the perforation is scalable also, down to thousands of an inch in diameter. Our perforated materials do not have a ragged edge like you see with hot needle perforating. We produce a clean, obstruction free hole of whatever size is desired. Depending on the density of perforations needed, we are able to the run the machines at tens of ft/min, speeding up the process and moving it onto the next stage in its manufacturing route. Please note all rates are material dependent.

Heat Sealing

From your product, to the bag it ships in, we are ready to tackle any heat sealing needs you may have. We have the ability to heat-seal features on your advanced wound care devices with our cleanroom contained heated press line. Set up to be easily changeable, all your product would need is a new die and the line can be off and running. Variable temperature controls give us precise control over how much heat is used in the seal, and gives us a quick and easy testing ability to find the right amount of heat for your project. Our line is automatically driven, and has the ability to feed in additional materials at different times. Automatic controls mean the operator is free from watching the controls and able to watch all inputs or manually input a filter or other precut geometry.

Additionally, we are ready for heat-sealed packaging needs. With the ability to move our heat sealer from cleanroom to cleanroom as needed, we are ready to package and seal your device no matter which machine it ends on. It can go straight from the machine to the package to help with cleanliness and any time sensitive materials it may contain.

Quality Testing

From testing our medical packaging heat seals against ASTM standards to performing equipment bioburden testing, our quality department can test almost anything needed for your product. With two MicroVu’s in house, dimensional accuracy and capability of a part can be verified within seconds and all the collected data can be digitally converted and saved to be run in several different analysis systems. Our team has grown accustomed to preforming unique tests to fit unique products. Additionally, our staff routinely creates and executes IQ, OQ and PQ protocols and the associated documentation along with product capability studies. Our staff stays with your project as long as needed and can create an extensive document trail for product and process traceability which can assist you if regulatory submissions are required.


We currently have three cleanrooms up and functioning with a fourth being installed. We have both hard and soft sided, positive pressure cleanrooms to fit your needs. All four have staging areas and require full gown, shoe covers, hair and beard nets and gloves. Operators in these rooms have had cleanroom training and understand and abide by all cleanroom standards. These cleanrooms can be used for all parts of the production process, from end assembly to full production. We have dedicated lines inside cleanrooms for products that need to be a step above clean environment for their entire production run. There is also cleanroom assembly space for projects who’s processing remains clean until hand assembly is required. This is a very common combination for materials that are handled on a roll until assembly, as they are contained within a closed machine until assembly and therefore only need to be in the cleanroom for assembly.

Clean Environment

With the dedication of our Hudson plant to purely medical needs, the entire production floor is now a clean environment. Operators at every production station wear hair nets and beard covers if applicable. Many stations used lab coats to protect the material from any fiber transfers and gloves to prevent skin cells or oil contamination. There are staging areas at every entrance and protocol is strictly adhered to.

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