Medical Devices

Medical Devices

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The United States has the largest medical device market in the world, worth over $140 billion. This only represents about 40 percent of the global medical device market worth an estimated $350 billion. U.S. medical device companies are highly regarded globally for their innovative and technologically advanced products. R&D spending continues to represent a high percentage of medical device industry expenditures. R&D spending, coupled with longer life expectancy and a more active elderly lifestyle, means the medical device market is expected to see positive growth for the foreseeable future.

Preco MPC partners with leading OEM’s globally to provide contract manufacturing services for their wide range of medical devices. Products we manufacture range from highly integrated Advanced Wound Care dressings and Body Sensors to simpler fixation devices and surgical disposables.

Advanced Wound Care

Advanced Wound Care treatments revolve around the principle of moisture therapy which provides moisture to the wound site to encourage expedited healing and reduce the risk of infection. Our ability to integrate a wide variety of machines and processes uniquely positions us to manufacture wound care disposables with cost efficiencies. Precos custom built laser equipment system are fully integrated with our high-speed rotary equipment, resulting in processing efficiencies that yield higher throughput and produce less waste. Some of these materials include hydrogels, hydrocolloids, silicone adhesives, cotton materials and specialized coated nonwovens. We have dedicated cleanrooms specifically designed with Advanced Wound Care products in mind, including assembly areas for final pack out. Our laser equipment is able to process a wide variety of wound care materials with high repeatability and low processing scrap. Further, we have developed laser techniques that manipulate wound care materials like unique perforations that promotes wound care dressing performance. These techniques are patented by Preco and ensures exclusivity for our customers. We are ready to create for you - what unique qualities are you looking for to differentiate your wound care product line? 

Patient Care

Preco works with OEM leaders who are developing skin care products. They leverage our process development, material sourcing and production capabilities to deliver turnkey disposal medical devices. These can be seen in patient monitoring, pulse oximetry and surgical stick-to-skin products. Our in-line multilayer lamination capabilities and reregistration allows us to bring several different cut materials together in a single pass.

Securement Devices

Patients and Doctors rely on secure adhesion, gentle removal, comfort and mobility when securing medical devices. Sourcing appropriate adhesive materials is critical to the performance of fixation devices and Preco delivers by offering suitable material options for your review.

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