Laser Cladding

Laser Cladding on a Metal Component

Laser Cladding

We offer high powered fiber delivered and CO2 laser systems and services to deposit a layer of material onto a substrate by way of powder or wire, dramatically increasing the life of the wear surface. This laser cladding process is ideally suited for creating an entirely new surface as well as repairing damaged or worn surfaces (remanufacturing).

Preco's high speed laser cladding in multiple areas on a machined component. Offering wear resistance through additive manufacturing.

Laser Machines

SL9000 Laser Cladding Machine

Cladding Machine

Preco manufactures systems for the deposition of powder metal or wire onto a base metal (part) to metallurgical bond the dissimilar materials. Preco cladding systems can be used for round or flat parts up to 30 meters standard (larger on request).

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Contract Manufacturing

Laser Cladding Contract Manufacturing Services

Preco's Contract Manufacturing Services specialize in high power laser cladding of large, complex, high-value industrial components. We are an ideal contract manufacturing partner supporting the off-road, automotive, industrial, aerospace, oil and gas and alternative energy markets. From proof of concept and product development to full scale contract manufacturing or equipment purchase, Preco can supply it all. Our 35 year successful history in contract manufacturing along with our +200 employees assures you a financially stable and trusted partner if you decide to contract your production. Preco has the resources, track record and technical skills to meet your metallur- gical specifications.

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