Laser Heat Treating

Laser Heat Treating

Localized Surface Modification

Laser heat treating is a surface modification process designed to change the microstructure of metals through controlled heating and cooling. The advantage of utilizing a laser for this process is the ability to heat treat localized areas without affecting the entire work piece. Due to minimal heat input, most processes effectively use self quenching of products, saving time and money associated with quenchants.

Laser Machines

ST2000 Laser Heat Treating System

Laser Heat Treating Machine

The Preco ST2000 Series laser workstations are designed for multi-axis laser welding of metallic components. The ST2000 Series Workstations are designed for fixed beam processing over an XY motion system. As standard, these systems are designed for manual part loading, however automated part load/unload options can be integrated.

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Contract Manufacturing

Laser Heat Treating Contract Manufacturing

Preco's Contract Manufacturing Services specialize in high power laser heat treating of large, complex, high-value industrial components. We are an ideal contract manufacturing partner supporting the off-road, automotive, industrial, aerospace, oil and gas and alternative energy markets. From proof of concept and product development to full scale contract manufacturing or equipment purchase, Preco can supply it all. Our 35 year successful history in contract manufacturing along with our +200 employees assures you a financially stable and trusted partner if you decide to contract your production. Preco has the resources, track record and technical skills to meet your metallur- gical specifications.

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