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Preco’s Inc.'s Contract Manufacturing Service specializes in high power laser welding, heat treating, and cladding of large, complex, high value industrial components. We are an ideal contract manufacturing partner supporting the off-road, automotive, industrial, aerospace, oil and gas and alternative energy markets. From proof of concept and product development to full scale contract manufacturing or equipment purchase, Preco can supply it all. Our 40 year successful history in contract manufacturing along with our +200 employees assures you a financially stable and trusted partner if you decide to contract your production. Preco has the resources, track record, and technical skills to meet your metallurgical specifications.

Metal Evaluation Services / Quality

Metal evaluation services are part of Preco’s total commitment to excellence. Experienced metallurgical and applications engineers are engaged during your entire product realization process as a service to our customers. This includes development, production verification and process improvement. Along with our evaluation services, Preco contract manufacturing is ISO 9001 certified assuring you that our business practices meet this international standard.

Technical Expertise

Our core process development group will work with you to develop process parameters that match your specification. Lead by doctorate level engineers with additional support from applications development engineers, Preco supports a staff with extensive knowledge in welding, cladding and heat treating.

Supported Processes

Preco’s contract manufacturing offering is focused on supporting four primary processes, laser welding, cladding, heat treating and specialty cutting. We are especially well suited to handle large, complex, and high value machined or fabri- cated components.

Laser Welding Contract Manufacturing

Laser Welding

Welding of fabrications and machined components with a wide range of weld joints is available. Fiber delivered or CO2 lasers can be selected based on your requirements.

  • Gear welding is a primary focus
  • Induction pre and post heating is available for welding medium carbon steels
  • Wire feed units are available
Laser Cladding Additive Manufacturing Contract Services

Laser Cladding

Powder feed units can be integrated to our range of fiber delivered laser systems. Our technical team will assist you with selecting the correct powder metallurgy and laydown rate for your application.

  • Clad flat, cylindrical or complex surfaces
  • Off-axis and coaxial feeding is available
  • Wire feed units are available
  • Provides a metallurgical bond and less dilution of the clad material
Laser Heat Treating Contract Manufacturing

Laser Heat Treating

Our laser heat treating capabilities are well established. Using fiber delivered lasers and beam shaping optics selected for your application we are able to provide the required depth and hardness you specify.

  • Heat treat flat, cylindrical or complex surfaces
  • Localized heat treating without affecting the entire work piece
  • Self-quenching laser process saves time and money associated with quenchants
  • Patented split beam technology is ideal for flute/spline heat treating
Laser Metal Cutting Drilling Contract Manufacturing

Laser Specialty Cutting/Drilling

Although we’re not configured to process flat sheet stock for the fabrication market, we offer laser cutting or drilling for unique applications that have specific process requirements.

Contract Service Offering

Preco offers the widest array of lasers and laser workstations in the industry. These workstations are configured to process flat or cylindrical work pieces using CO2 or fiber delivered lasers. Consider our equipment offering:

  • 12 laser workstations configured for metals processing
  • Fiber delivered lasers up to 10 kW
  • CO2 lasers up to 16 kW
  • Material handling capability to 10,000 pounds
  • Blast booth
  • Assembly presses
  • Batch ovens
  • Industrial parts washer
  • TIG and MIG welders
  • 200 kVA spot welder

Contract manufacturing of low to medium volume production can be performed on our general purpose systems that can be setup for your production requirements. For high volume application, Preco can configure dedicated systems along with additional support and secondary operations equipment to provide value added services to meet your production requirements.

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