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Preco, Inc. is a leading provider of processing systems and services in the packaging industry. Unique to Preco is the ability to offer multiple packaging solutions, including laser processing systems and die cutters. With a focus on the future of packaging, let Preco assist you in finding which solution is ideal for your needs.

Preco was the first to pioneer the use of industrial lasers to modify and enhance flexible packaging material. We continually expand our laser systems technology and contract service capabilities to meet the needs of the growing market for convenient easy-open, breathable and microwave venting packaging applications.

Some of the key features that die cutters seek to incorporate into their packaging processing include accuracy of the cut, quality of the cut, depth of cut and cut depth consistency. Whether die cutters are processing cartons, medical or cosmetic packages/pouches, cold seal wrapping or other items, Preco can provide either a flat bed or rotary solution.

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