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Laser Services for Flexible
Packaging Applications

Preco, Inc. was the first to pioneer the use of industrial lasers to modify and enhance flexible packaging material. We continually expand our laser systems technology and contract service capabilities to meet the needs of the growing market for convenient easy-open, breathable and microwave venting packaging applications.

Packaging Facility

Our new expanded facility for contract manufacturing delivers flexible packaging excellence. Preco provides all the resources needed to integrate laser processing into your manufacturing stream. Whether it’s new product introduction, overflow capacity production, or secondary packaging, we are dedicated to help you succeed. We are an ISO 9001 facility committed to maintaining rigorous quality certifications for the flexible packaging industry.

Laser Scoring – AcuTear ®

Over 25 years ago Preco was the first to utilize industrial laser technology for flexible packaging applications. Your customer expects to easily open their package, and laser scoring delivers. By adding a laser score the consumer does not need to use a scissors or knife. There is no chance of damage to an expensive zipper feature. The laser scoring process delivers controlled tear propagation, creating an “easy-open” package, while maintaining package strength and protecting barrier properties. Call us to find out how AcuTear can be applied to your existing film structures in a simple and cost effective manner.

Contour Scoring
Contour Scoring

Preco’s contour score process provides curved easy-open lines ideal for your slider zipper pouch applications. The contour score allows the sides of the slider pouch to be sealed al the way to the top, unlike “hooded” pouches that remain unsealed above the slider. Additionally, by utilizing our unique patented drum laser work support, Preco can ensure consistent score depth that others can not match. Call us to find out how the Preco contour score can be applied to your existing film structures in a simple and cost effective manner.

Inno-Lok Scoring
Inno-Lok® Scoring

Preco can add laser scoring to your film rolls specifically for your Inno-Lok zipper packaging applications. You can specify film structures that do not naturally tear well with the standard Inno-Lok mechanical score, and by instead adding the Preco laser score, still have an easy open package. You would need to send your film rolls to Preco prior to adding the Inno-Lok zipper, have them turn off the mechanical score feature when adding the zipper, and run down you fill equipment as normal. Call us to find out how AcuTear laser scoring can easily be added to your Inno-Lok package.

Shaped Scoring
Shaped Scoring

Preco’s shaped score process provides unique score shapes for your advanced easy-open packaging concepts. The shaped score allows for specialized packaging openings such as peal and reseal and pull tabs. Additionally, by utilizing our unique patented drum laser work support, Preco can ensure consistent score depth that others can not match. Call us to find out how the Preco shaped score can be applied to your existing film structures creating exciting new packaging designs.

Laser Perforation – AcuBreathe ®

Laser Micro-Perforating
Laser Micro-Perforating

Preco’s AcuBreathe laser micro-perforation turns your basic film structure into a controlled breathable membrane. If your goal is; extended shelf life/modified atmosphere/MAP packaging, burst protection/high altitude packaging, or palletizing/package consolidation, AcuBreathe is your answer. Preco AcuBreathe laser micro-perforation provides consistent, controlled oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water vapor transmission. If your goal is to ship over altitude, AcuBreathe prevents package burst, without loss of shelf life. Or if you need to consolidate for boxing or palletizing, laser micro-perforations are your best solution. Call us to find out how AcuBreathe can be applied to your existing film structures.

Controlled-Depth Score Vents – AcuVent ®

Controlled Depth Scoring
Venting for Steam-Release Microwave Packaging

Preco’s AcuVent™ laser process produces controlled depth score-vents in your existing packaging film structures. These score-vents can be precisely controlled for vent opening and steam pressure thus assuring perfect microwave cooking. When AcuVent processed packages are placed in the microwave, the steam generated from within the package bursts through the scoring and automatically ventilates the package. AcuVent provides sealed packages, there are no holes or leaks in your package prior to microwaving! Please call today to discuss your microwave packaging needs.

Preco’s Complete Solution

Unlike some competitors, Preco provides a complete solution to its Packaging customers. Preco has in place complete Quality Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Process Development Engineering, Customer Service, and Account Management services. This creates a quick, complete, and cost effective means for packaging customers to go from concept, to research and development, prototyping, initial sample packages, to full production. Please call today to discuss your Packaging challenges.

Prototyping, R&D and Samples

Preco’s flat bed laser systems allow customers the opportunity to easily create prototype packages. These systems can be fed a sheet of film, quickly cut it to the correct width and length, and add a laser score or perforation pattern. For scored packages, the score location, shape, or depth can be easily changed. For perforated packages, perforation size, count, or patterns can easily be adjusted. This creates a quick and cost effective means for packaging prototyping, research and development, and for creating sample packages for sales, marketing, or focus groups. Please call today to discuss setting up a trial.

Rotary Die Contract Services

Preco’s rotary die contract services allow customers the opportunity to contract out their rotary die cutting projects. These systems feature servo controlled multiple unwind, multiple rewind, and multiple die station machines. Our max width for rotary die processing is 13”. This service provides a quick and cost effective means for converters to take on die cutting jobs without the capital equipment investment. Please call today to discuss your project.

  • PET, PE, PP, Nylon, EVOH,
  • PTFE, Urethane and more
  • Metalized, foils, paper and
  • fabric structures
  • Films and laminates
Quality Control
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified
  • Microscopic cross section imaging
  • Tensile testing
  • Airflow measurement
Processing Capabilities
  • Web processing speeds
  • up to 1,000 ft/min (305 m)
  • Ramp-up/ramp-down power
  • control to minimize scrap
  • Eye-mark registration

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