Laser Systems

Web Direction Series Laser Micro-Perforation Machine

Utilized for a variety of processes, including web direction laser scoring, slitting or micro-perforating.

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Cross Web Series Laser Scoring Machine

Cross-Web systems provide scoring and perforating of materials in the cross-web direction.

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Multi-Purpose Laser Scoring & Perforating Zone Processing Series

Zone Process Series has the ability to add scoring or perforating features within a defined “Width” or “Zone” across the web.

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High Speed Perforator Series

Preco's High Speed Perforating systems are designed to add consistent micro-perforated holes into polymeric films.

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FlashLite WD Laser Modules

FlashLite WD Modules offer laser scoring and laser micro-perforating for easy-open, easy-fill and easy-breathe packaging.

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FlashLite CW Laser Modules

FlashLite CW Modules provide high-speed, cross web laser processing for scoring, marking and micro-perforating.

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