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Machines Intelligently Designed to Provide
Maximum Flexibility & Reliability for you the Converter

Whether you are a contract converter requiring a fast set-up, flexible configuration system, or a manufacturer requiring an engineered solution for your specific rotary converting needs, Preco has a solution. Preco can guide you to the correct configuration by offering the models below. These models have the quickest build times (many stocked components), mechanical and software inspection reports to guaranteeing quality, and qualified installation service once the machine is installed in your plant. Our equipment is CE compliant and certified along with clean room adapted for those required. We offer remote access assistance and troubleshooting technical support no matter your location. Preco has been building rotary machines for over a decade with new innovations continually developing.

Made in the USA




Entry-level rotary that offers full functionality and auto-registration for converting processes. Multi-pass processing possible.


  • 1–2 Dies (cutting tools)
  • Lot coding



  • Island placement
  • Laser Processing



Intermediate-level rotary that offers full functionality and auto-registration for converting processes. Allowing multiple die cutting, lamination and delamination all in a single or multi-pass configuration.


  • 2–3 Dies (cutting tools)
  • Lot coding
  • Island placement
  • Laser Processing


  • Corona treating
  • Vacuum conveyor 
  • Packaging cold-seal



Advanced-level rotary that offers full functionality and auto-registration for converting flexibility. Allowing multiple die cutting, lamination and delamination all in a single pass or multi-pass configuration.


  • 3–5 Dies (cutting tools)
  • Lot coding
  • Island placement
  • Laser processing
  • Flexo Printing 
  • Vacuum conveyor


  • Packaging cold-seal
  • Packaging rotary
  • Vision inspection
  • Product tracking
    and rejection

Every Preco RCP machine uses well-organized cabinets for electronics and drive components, which are located as end-caps on the systems. This helps to provide a slim profile for machine placement and ease of serviceability. Spindle motor and reducers via electronic gearing facilitates web and taper influences for precision web tension control. The quick change modular manifold design allows for maximum setup flexibility using die stations that can be combined or removed for space allocation.

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Custom Equipment is Our Standard

The RCP equipment is designed to modularly integrate sub-supplier equipment and functionality. The rotary unit can be expanded or divided into sub-sections to allow specialized automation to occur within a "step and repeat" or "continuous" motion environment for accurate and repeatable insertion or deposition of such components.

Custom RCP Rotary Die Cutting MachinePreco will build the exact width machine and type of gearing required for your legacy products to ensure tooling transformation from obsolete equipment into state-of-the-art equipment. Our customized rotary designs are driven by your equipment specification and product drawings from which the overall concept is generated. 3D modeling allows for process and design corrections during the design review phase prior to part/component machining. Debug of your machine takes place on our factory floor until satisfactory results are accomplished. 

Easy to Attach Modular Accessories

Add either a Preco-made device from our available options, or construct your own proprietary innovation to create a last-minute appliance that your company needs for a special purpose.


Preco-Built Delivery Conveyor


Tapped Station


Window Waste
Transfer Device


Part Transfer

Rotary Heat-Sealing Accessory

Rotary Heat-Sealing This heat-sealing module can achieve temperatures up to 450° Fahrenheit (232°C) with the steel pattern tool. This module also utilizes a heat-sink material around the cylinder to ensure the heat-affected zone remains in the sealed areas. The impression roller is normally a 75-durometer silicone or Hypalon structure for high-temperature seal reliability and conformity to your materials. An optional torque-kit can be added to monitor load force to ensure the sealing tool does not deviate its compression force during operation. An Infrared feedback sensor is used to closely monitor set temperature and maintain accurate seal temperatures for your qualified process.

A secondary heat source can be added to improve sealing effectiveness and achieve faster run rates for your process. An aluminum roller is added to the inbound station which can be heated up to a maximum temperature of 350° Fahrenheit (176°C). Heat is transferred to a 40-durometer silicone roller that transfers the heat to the impression roller. This creates a dual heating application to improve your seal quality thereby generating less waste. The additional heat also allows for faster production rates. The process may wrap the web around the aluminum roller to act as a preheating mechanism offering viable alternative web paths.

This heat-sealing unit allows easy job change overs with an interchangeable sleeve of your seal pattern. It is as simple as removing the gear and pattern sleeve and replacing with your next part sleeve. Change overs can be done with 15 minutes and your right back into production. There is also the option to produce 3-sided pouches for manually filling product that requires further component insertion. 

Features & Benefits

  • Servomotor web control
  • 2:1 ratio of spindles to stations
  • Modular accessories with easy attachment
  • Full-access backplane idler roller mounting
  • Intuitive registration setup and control
    • Trend graphing and averaging control
  • Dosing and dispensing capabilities
  • Island placement capability
  • Shingling/batching/vacuum conveyors
    • Conveyor part extractor
  • Vision inspection integration
  • Active web guide positioned on lower-left spindle 
    • 3 base models
  • Left-to-right or right-to-left operation
  • Data exporting using OPCUA
  • Hot-melt gluing applications
  • Crush and razor slitting
  • Simple-to-use, Windows-based HMI display
    • Recipe exporting to USB
  • Packaging capabilities
    • Rotary heat-sealing units, dual-heat mechanism
    • Product tracking thru system 
    • Spreading pinch conveyors
    • Mechanical reject gate with individual lane rejection
  • Full function Preco-built laser modules
    • Custom HMI software w/CAD application
    • Closed-loop power control
    • Various CO2 Power levels
  • Full length light curtains
    • Hard guarding available upon request
  • Conceptual diagrams (2D) of your process provided during quoting stage.
  • Flexo and ink-jet printing integration
  • Cleanroom compliant
    • Stainless steel fasteners available

Industries Served

  • Medical Devices
  • EKG Patches
  • Electrostatic Wound-Healing Bandages
  • Transdermal Patches
  • Hydrocolloid Products
  • Microfluidics / Point of Care
  • Wound Care
  • Packaging / Pouching
  • Electronics
  • Automotive / Aerospace
  • Personal / Consumer Goods
  • RFID
  • Solar Energy
  • Abrasives
  • Rubber / Plastics
  • Foam
  • Cosmetics
  • Textiles / Non-Woven

Laser Stations

Preco is the technology leader when integrating a laser station to a rotary web system. The drive toward smaller and more complex parts can quickly exceed the capabilities of dies. Therefore, alternative approaches need to be considered. The use of hybrid techniques such as rotary die cutting and laser cutting can greatly improve productivity for difficult to convert applications.

Preco Rotary Converting Platform die cutter with laser module
  • Preco's laser applications engineers will take a lead role in developing your laser process and specifying the correct configuration for your application.
  • Preco will configure a FlashLite™ laser station for integration to the web press and provide single source responsibility for the complete hardware and software integration. 
  • The FlashLite laser station can be repositioned to any module station on the press. 


RCP Videos

Streamlining Your Work Production

The purpose of an idler roller is to change the direction of a web. Preco’s backplane system provides idler roller capability almost anywhere on the platform. The tapped and threaded grid wall allows easy roller placement for processing of materials and for greater efficiency.

Preco found that press operators most often run out of available spindles before using up the process stations. Preco maintains an abundance of capacity.

Electrical connection points on the backplane keep wires out of the path of tooling, materials and the light curtain field. Preco’s proprietary registration setup needs only the gear tooth and pattern count with a repeating mark on the web—forget homing devices or extra wires!

Long-Medium-Flush articulated idler rollers give the operator full placement control, whether close or away from the die or nip, upon entering or leaving a process station. Threaded holes on the station ensure a parallel path.

The Preco web guide alignment device provides a simple method for the managing of incoming material. Three adjustments are used to assure a correct web approach angle and the equal distance  of the web between the send and receive points. A fine-tune screw permits a subtle shift of the web in the Y-axis.

Machine access during setup has been made easy. There is no need to step away to the HMI to lock down a material core, as every spindle is within reach. Apart from setup jog mode, machine speed during production can be increased with a simple turn of a knob.

Whether you are a first-time user or an experienced technician, the HMI touch-screen controls of the RCP are logical and understandable. All components can be entered and monitored, along with ongoing trending of registration accuracy and roll material status.

You may attach a Preco-made device, or better still, an appliance that your company has created for a special purpose. The same M6 threaded holes that mount station idlers are perfect for rapid fastening of just about any fixture that is required for that next work order.

Safety is important, but its implementation should not be an obstacle to required process adjustments. Preco provides the simplest, non-invasive solution.

Standard Machine Sizes

3 Stations / 6 Spindles 
5 Stations / 10 Spindles
7 Stations / 14 Spindles 
Footprint  Width: 96" (2.4 m) Width: 154" (3.9 m) Width: 178" (4.5 m)
Height: 90" (2.3 m) Height: 90" (2.3 m) Height: 90" (2.3 m)
Depth: 70" (1.8 m) Depth: 70" (1.8 m) Depth: 70" (1.8 m)
Approx. Weight 2 tons (1.8 metric tons) 3.2 tons (2.9 metric tons) 4.5 tons (4.1 metric tons)
Electrical  US: 480 V,  Intl: 400 V
60 A / 50-60 Hz / 3P
US: 480 V, Intl: 400 V
100 A / 50-60 Hz / 3P
US: 480 V, Intl: 400 V
150 A / 50-60 Hz / 3P
Pneumatics 90 psi @ 4 SCFM (0.95 bar/min) 90 psi @ 5 SCFM (1.2 bar/min) 90 psi @ 6 SCFM (1.4 bar/min)
3 Stations / 6 Spindles 
5 Stations / 10 Spindles
7 Stations / 14 Spindles 
Footprint  Width: 170" (4.3 m) Width: 192" (4.9 m) Width: 210" (5.3 m)
Height: 100" (2.5 m) Height: 100" (2.5 m) Height: 100" (2.5 m)
Depth: 77" (2 m) Depth: 77" (2 m) Depth: 77" (2 m)
Approx. Weight 3 tons (2.7 metric tons) 4.8 tons (4.4 metric tons) 6.8 tons (6.1 metric tons)
Electrical  US: 480 V,  Intl: 400 V
80 A / 50-60 Hz / 3P
US: 480 V, Intl: 400 V
150 A / 50-60 Hz / 3P
US: 480 V, Intl: 400 V
200 A / 50-60 Hz / 3P
Pneumatics 90 psi @ 5 SCFM (0.95 bar/min) 90 psi @ 8 SCFM (1.2 bar/min) 90 psi @ 8 SCFM (1.4 bar/min)

Technical Specifications

Press Speed  0-300'/min (0-90 m/min)
Standard Web Widths Available 7" (178 mm), 10" (255 mm), 13" (330 mm),
16" (406 mm), 20" (508 mm), 24" (609 mm)
Spindle Servo-Motors:
Tension Control Ranges
Small: 0.2–2.1 lbf (1–9 N)
Large: 2.5–14 lbf (11–62.3 N)
X-Large: 4.5–20 lbf (20–89 N)
XX-Large: 10–28 lbf (45–125 N)
Manual Y-adjustment of Die Stations ±0.75" (19 mm) travel
Servo Stations Independently driven and controlled
Gearing  1/8" pitch, 20° pressure angle, internal attachment to cylinder
MOD1 (3 mm) pitch available
Automatic Web-Guiding Ultra-sonic sensing guided positional control
Available on any spindle locale, unwind/rewind
±0.01" (0.25 mm)
Standard Max Roll Diameter  20" (508 mm)
Custom diameter available up to 60" (1.5 m)
Standard Core Diameters 3" (76 mm), 6" (152 mm)
RCP Shutdown Mechanisms  Full roll diameter (rewind)
Low roll diameter (unwind)
Part counter
Meterage counter
Splice detection 
Light Curtain Protection  6.5' (2 m), Programmable blanking of zones, discreet units per station available 
Construction Welded steel frame with precision-ground, powder-coated Al back plane
Shingling/Batching Conveyors  Laser sensor for counting products: 19" (482 mm) range 
Lengths: 2' (0.61 m), 4' (1.22 m), 6' (1.83 m), 8' (2.44 m), 10' (3.05 m), 12' (3.66 m)

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