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What Preco Can Do for You 

Preco has sold laser-based equipment into the aerospace markets, and continues to do contract manufacturing for some of the world’s largest manufacturers. Fuel components, protective films and wraps for external plane protection, interior components and interior assemblies are just some of the ongoing work at Preco. With a wide variety of laser systems and material-handling, Preco supports many facets of commercial aircraft manufacturing and maintenance.

Laser Cutting Metal Fuel System Components
Fuel System Components 

Preco manufactures various components and assemblies for the fuel control systems portion of commercial aircraft. Aerospace alloys are sourced, ground, laser-cut, cleaned, packaged and delivered with certificate of analysis and conformance documentation.

Aerospace Airplane Protective Films
Protective Films

Preco has laser-cut and perforated various films and laminations used in the protection of commercial aircraft for 25 years. 3D structures are laser-cut using 4 and 5 axis laser systems to conform to complex geometries associated with internal and external features in modern aircraft.

Drivetrain Component Shaft Laser Heat Treat
Drivetrain Components

Preco laser heat treats critical drivetrain components for propeller shafts and assemblies for the aerospace industry. The laser process delivers extremely repeatable hardness values that are near maximum attainable for each given metallurgy. Due to the efficient transfer of energy into the part, distortion due to heat is minimized when compared to other traditional heat treating processes.

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