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Laser Cladding of a trailer ball hitch

Contract Manufacturing Services

Preco has been helping our customers develop innovative technologies in the transportation and aerospace markets for more than 40 years. Our Contract Manufacturing Services division is uniquely positioned to minimize time to market, from initial concept to full scale qualified volume manufacturing. Our world class mix of Preco-designed and built systems can be custom configured in-house to maximize capacity, minimize costs, and exceed quality requirements for a global mix of customers. Our PhD level metallurgists, materials science engineers with backgrounds in polymers and composites, and a seasoned team of applications engineers and technicians have a proven track record of successful product launches that have transitioned to long run contract manufacturing at our Somerset, Wisconsin facility. Preco’s focus is on being a total solution provider. We offer project management, engineering, supply chain management and inventory of raw materials, and an environment of continuous improvement, all combined with a smooth and effective ISO 9001 quality system.

Laser Contract Manufacturing

Laser Services

Preco’s Contract Manufacturing Services can provide you with all of the resources needed to integrate laser processing into your manufacturing stream. Applications in transportation and aerospace have spanned from traditional laser welding, cladding and heat treating to precision manufacturing in the advanced battery, energy storage and power generation industries. The extensive design, testing and manufacturing capabilities of Preco can help you answer today’s challenges – enhancing product design, improving quality, lowering unit cost and shortening lead times.


  • 40+ Laser based Workstations
  • Full Mig/Tig welding and repair
  • Inspection including UT, RT, Hardness and Cross Sectional analysis
  • Full Supply Chain Management
  • Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals, Composites and Polymers
Die Cutting Contract Manufacturing

Die Cutting Services

Preco’s Contract Manufacturing Services provides a complete range of rotary and flat bed die cutting solutions. Applications include display-printed electronics, heatshield glass matting, precision gaskets and seals, and automotive aftermarket consumables such as coated abrasives, paint masking constructions and other finishing products. Precision flat bed die cutting with vision registration capabilities for both sheet and roll processing is available along with multiple station rotary die cutting for high productivity, lamination and rotary die cutting.


  • Cutting and ablating
  • Laminating 
  • Heat sealing
  • Embossing
  • Roll-to-roll and sheet-based raw materials

Metal Processing Contract Manufacturing

Metal Processing

Specializing in laser cladding, welding, heat treating and specialty cutting, Preco excels at difficult process specific applications. With an in-house staff that includes welding engineers along with doctorate level guidance, Preco’s capabilities are unsurpassed. Our range of equipment includes fiber lasers up to 10 kW and CO2 lasers up to 6 kW which provide deep penetration welding and heat treating. Supporting this equipment are work stations and material handling that can support fabrications and castings weighing upwards of 10,000 lbs.

Contract Services Offered

  • 1​​​​​2 laser workstations configured for metals processing
  • Fiber delivered lasers up to 10 kW
  • CO2 lasers up to 6 kW
  • Material handling capability up to 10,000 pounds
  • Blast booth
  • Assembly presses 
  • Industrial part washer
  • TIG and MIG welders
  • 200 KVA spot welders



Preco offers both autogenous and wire feed welding. Additional hybrid weld processes are offered including induction pre-heat and/or post-heat stations for crack prone materials. Preco also provides secondary operations including hydraulic presses for pre-weld component assembly, grit blast booths and stress relieving ovens.


An advantage that lasers offer in this process is the ability to heat treat localized areas without affecting the entire work piece. Preco's applications engineering team has extensive knowledge with laser heat treating and can assist you in deciding if laser heat treating is a good fit for your application.


Our powder feed systems include off-axis and coaxial powder flow technology to support our cladding offering. Laser cladding can be performed on flat or cylindrical surfaces with a powder metal selection to provide wear and corrosion prevention or other specified requirements.


Although we're not configured to process flat sheet stock for the fabrication market, we offer laser cutting for unique applications that have specific process requirements.



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